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Helping teens connect with themselves, feel worthy enough to belong, find their inner wisdom, and live a life they love.

Counseling for Teens and Adolescents in Bartlett, IL area

Perhaps your teen has changed so much, you aren’t even sure who they are anymore. Maybe you have caught them doing one or more of the following: lying, saying awful things to you, skipping school, self-harming, drinking, smoking pot, breaking curfew, etc.

Is the respect you want from them not something they feel they need to give to you anymore?

Are you worried about their lack of social connections because they barely go out and see other kids anymore?

Are you concerned because sometimes they seem depressed and unhappy one minute, and then the next they are angry, frustrated, and blame things on you and others? Sometimes parents don’t know how to best help them through this difficult time. Yet, even if you knew how to try to help, your adolescent may not feel comfortable talking to you about what they are going through. They may feel embarrassed, uncertain, ashamed, or fearful you will get angry with them.

You are not alone. Help is available, and we can help both you and your teen get through this difficult time and to a better place.

Now is the best time to reach out to someone who can help support you so you, in turn, can help and support your teen. Counseling offers a safe and supportive place for your adolescent child to identify their feelings, express their thoughts, and explore their beliefs while examining their behaviors and decisions.

Whether they are dealing with teen anxiety, teen depression, impulse control, anger problems, socialization concerns, peer problems, school refusal, adolescent self-harm, or gender confusion, or they are struggling with an eating disorder or have experienced some kind of trauma or relationship violence, specialist counseling for teens can help.

You can begin to feel relieved and hopeful knowing your teenager is receiving the help they need to grow, strive, and heal whatever is holding them back.

Counseling Requires Connection, Commitment, Consistency, and Care

 We at Health and Healing Therapy LLC would like to partner with you to help your adolescent child work through whatever they are struggling with so they can begin to feel better about themselves and experience the joy and awesomeness their teens years can bring.

We want you to realize that counseling for teens needs a number of components for it to be as successful as possible. We need parents to commit to bringing their teen consistently to counseling. A week seems like a month, to a teen and a month seems like forever. So much can happen in the emotional and physical life of a teen in a short time.

Counseling for Teens and Adolescents in Bartlett, IL with Health and Healing Therapy

This is why we ask you, the parent, make a commitment agreeing to ensure you and your teen will make therapy a priority while ensuring your teen will participate in therapy consistently. Teen counseling sessions are scheduled weekly.

We also want you to realize that our therapists will do their best to connect to your teenager while building a safe place where your adolescent can talk, express, disagree, challenge, and explore their thoughts, beliefs, confusion, emotions, secrets, goals, etc.

We adults need to remember that building trust and connection within any relationship takes time, and sometimes earning the trust of a teen takes a little longer. They need to realize that we can be a trusted adult who won’t judge them, will wholeheartedly accept them, and won’t tell them what to do. In order for us to get to know your teen well and to do it successfully, we ask that you are patient with the process.

Health and Healing Therapy LLC and its therapists who specialize in counseling adolescents in the Bartlett, Illinois, area deeply care about teens. We want the adolescents and teens who we work with to know they are special, smart, accepted, enough, valued, amazing, and extremely cared about.

Call us at 630 864-7267 so we can begin to help your teen connect to and embrace the AMAZING person they are.

Teen Counseling Specialists

Joanna Czyz, LSW, MSW

Joanna Czyz


Works with: Children, Adolescents, Families, Individuals, Women
Reshma Lagomarcino, Counseling for teens

Rosio DiMaso


Works with: Young Children, Children, Teens, Parents, & Families
Nina Gallivan, Clinical Intern, has a friendly smile. She has blue eyes and blond hair and is wearing a bright pink top.

Nina Gallivan


Clinical Therapist MSW Intern
Works with: Teens, Adults, Couples

Tracy Hatzis


Works with: Adults & Parents
Nina Iraheta, Counselor for teens in IL

Nina Iraheta


Works with: Children, Teens, Emerging Adults (18 – 25 y/o)
Meghan Reilly

Meghan Reilly

Therapist Intern

Works with: Teens and Adults
Jade Yumping LCSW Headshot JPG

Jade Yumping


Works with: Older Teens, Adults, Seniors, New Parents, Couples

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