PTSD and Trauma Therapy

You are not alone.

If living in surroundings and/or with people who you perceived and believed were unsafe or dangerous is part of your life history, you’ve experienced and survived trauma.


Yet, we all have different thoughts and beliefs about what trauma is, whether or not we’ve really experienced it, and if it has or how it has affected us. Maybe you are asking yourself whether or not you could benefit from or need trauma therapy.

The medical and mental health field understands trauma very differently today then it did 10, 20, or even 30 years ago. We understand more about what trauma not only does to our human spirit, but also what changes and harmful effects trauma can cause to our brain, body, and mind when we’ve experienced it.

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How your traumatic experiences have affected you is unique to you.

There is no right or wrong. It is not good or bad.

Rather, however you experienced your trauma is deeply personal.



The ways we are impacted by trauma depends on some of our other life experiences known as Protective Factors:

  • If you had a safe person(s) in your life who helped support and see you through the traumatic experience.
  • If you were able to feel your feelings during the trauma and/or after the trauma, allowing your body and emotions to have a healthy discharge of energy through crying, shaking, talking, or sharing your experience.
  • After you experienced something scary or traumatic, if you were able to fully escape from the situation without major physical or emotional harm.
  • During your childhood, if you experienced a secure attachment from a caretaker and believed they could and did meet your physical and emotional needs.
  • As a child, if you believed that you were safe, secure, loved, and cared about.
  • If how to self-soothe and calm yourself down was modeled and taught, and you learned how to self-soothe when you felt distressed.
  • As a child or teen, if you didn’t suffer from a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.
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Trauma Therapy for Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Medical Trauma 


Many people in their lifetime have experienced some type of adverse childhood experience or a childhood and/or adult trauma. Some people have single incident traumas occur, like being involved in a car accident where they thought, felt, and/or feared they were going to die, or they witnessed someone who was gravely hurt.

However, others may have experienced multiple traumas. These may include witnessing or being a victim of ongoing domestic violence, or childhood physical or sexual abuse.

Medical based traumas are often single incidents, such as with a surgery or a birth trauma. However, some people have difficulty coping with ongoing traumas as they undergo required treatments for their chronic illness. These treatment experiences can often be extremely difficult and emotionally/physically traumatizing.

We help people work through the effects of their trauma so they can feel safe again.


After a trauma, many people are in shock, or feel out of control, overwhelmed, violated, anxious, and, sometimes, terrified. If any of these things have happened to you and you are struggling with the effects of your experiences, supportive therapy can help you recover and put your life back together.

We help people work through the effects of trauma so they can feel less anxious and safe and calm while feeling and being more connected to themselves and able to enjoy their present life.

If you would like to heal the pain you carry from your past experiences, reach out and contact us.

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We would be honored to help you create

the life you want and deserve.

Trauma Therapy Specialists

Rosio DiMaso

(Young Children, Children, Teens, Adults, Parents & Families)


Tracy Hatzis

(Adults & Parents)

Colleen Koncilja Bartlett Trauma Therapist EMDR

Colleen Koncilja

(Adults, Seniors, & Couples)

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