A book recommendation from therapist Rae Magnani LCPC, RYT

I’ve used this workbook with my clients as a tool many times, and there are skills and exercises that could be returned to as needed by the reader for ongoing use in therapy or afterwards

The Mindful Way Workbook uses Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MB-CBT), which I often use for a variety of concerns, so although depression is in the title and sometimes the content of the workbook speaks specifically to this, it could easily be used for other concerns like anxiety or stress management. People can benefit from workbook use since the act of reading and writing is another way to reinforce concepts we talk about in therapy.

Additionally, some people learn better in ways other than the verbal processing that traditional psychotherapy heavily relies on. If you’re someone who does better with written instructions or likes visual aids, using this or other workbooks during and after therapy can be really helpful!

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