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How to Make Friends as an Adult

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Making New Friends as an Adult

As an adult, it can be difficult to find and make friends. Maybe you moved to a new state, you are looking to make new friends, or want to branch out and make new friends with similar hobbies as you. All of these are reasons why you would want to find friends as an adult. It can be difficult to make friends as an adult because when growing up we usually made friends by talking to people in school and after-school activities or by hanging out with the people in our neighborhood. As adults, we don’t really get those experiences any more. As adults with different working schedules, it can be difficult to find someone who we can grab coffee with on weekends, who will learn to crochet with us, or who will even be our gym buddy. We have to get a little more creative on how we can meet new people and make friends. Here are 3 ways to make friends as an adult.

1. Joining a Club/Activity:

Meeting new people in a public setting can be nerve-wracking! However, whether it’s kickboxing, Zumba, yoga, or getting a gym membership, this is a way that you can meet new people as an adult. Additionally, you can look up events at your local public library. If you live in the Bartlett area, there is a calendar of events for adults on their website. They have book clubs, informational meetings to learn about various topics, trivia nights, and craft meetings. Another avenue to meeting new people is volunteer work. There are various places to volunteer: shelters, food pantries, nature preserves, etc. If you have a specific place in mind, it’s possible you may meet someone there with similar interests as you!

2. Get Online:

There are various applications that you can download to meet new people in your area. These can vary from joining a “neighborhood” on apps like Nextdoor, which is an app that is specifically used to introduce yourself when you move to a new neighborhood. You can also use Bumble BFF, which is similar to a dating app, however, it is used to make new friends and meet new people. You can peruse both of these apps and see what people have written about themselves. The key to making friends while using an online application is being active on the application, looking at other people’s feeds, and finding similarities between you and the other users. This also means reaching out to others and messaging them first to start a conversation. Another key to making friends through an app is to pick a hangout spot or activity and plan to meet up together! This can be for coffee, dinner, a walk, or an activity involving a hobby or interest you have in common.

3. Be Approachable & Friendly:

Whether you choose to join a club or activity, or try to make friends through an online app, it can help to be friendly and approachable. This can look different for different people – however, a smile and a friendly welcome are two things that can always be helpful in looking friendly and approachable when meeting new people. Research shows that a simple smile can go a long way and brighten anyone’s day! Additionally, it can help to be friendly with others by listening to them, providing them our full attention, and asking them questions.

If any of these tips sound familiar to dating, that’s because it’s kind of similar! Forming a new relationship and making friends can be nerve-racking, especially when you haven’t done it in a while. Remember to breathe, smile, ask questions, and be yourself!


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