Julia Dombrow

Julia Dombrow LCPC EMDR Therapist

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Hi I’m Julia

I help teens, adults, and couples by providing a safe space where you can feel supported and cared for while exploring what holds you back and keeps you stuck from making the changes you want.

If you are a teen or adult who has been dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, LGBTQIA+ concerns, food and eating issues, and/or are affected by trauma, I would consider it a privilege to help support you while you create the life you want and deserve.

Together, we will work through work through communication problems, self-sabotaging thoughts, and identity concerns, identify triggers that cause high fear and anxiety or shut-down, depressive responses, work on finding skills and strategies to better reduce the strain on your relationships, and work through stressors that impact your daily life. You can create change in your life, develop support systems, improve your relationship with yourself, and work through trauma, anxiety, and the emotional pain you may be experiencing.


I will strive to create a safe space where you can feel heard, supported, and cared for while being guided to make changes that will help you feel better about yourself and the direction you are going in your life.

If you decide to work with me, we will focus on helping you develop coping skills and strategies to better manage the stressors in your life. We will identify some of your most difficult challenges and develop a plan to help you feel stronger, wiser, and more capable of navigating through the painful things you are facing.

It is hard to reach out for help — especially when you’re in the midst of feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, and in pain. It takes courage to ask for help and to realize you can’t navigate things on your own, but you don’t need to do that, and you really shouldn’t have to. We all need care and support when we are struggling. Together we can help you create the balanced and more meaningful life you’ve been longing for.


Do you find that it is challenging to prioritize yourself with all the roles, responsibilities, and others you have to care for? Do you sometimes feel like people are judging you and you don’t feel you are enough? If this is happening for you and you feel pulled into too many directions or like you’re going to hit a breaking point soon, let’s work together to change that.

If you are experiencing more days than not where you are struggling to do the things you enjoy and you don’t feel like yourself, counseling can help. Sometimes when people are highly stressed they begin shutting down and get stuck thinking about all the things they need to do or what they should have done instead of actually doing it. If any of these things are what you experience, I would imagine you may also have a critical voice in your head saying negative and not so kind things about you.

Therapy can help you start to quiet that voice and increase your interest in doing the things you love while helping you prioritize your health and well-being. Slowing down, re-evaluating, choosing a different strategy, and developing new coping skills or plans can be life changing. Deepening your understanding of what’s standing in the way of you moving forward and then doing things differently can make all the difference. If this is what you are looking for, I’d be honored to help you navigate it.

Many adults seek therapy because they are feeling anxious, depressed, uncertain, and not enough, or because they are struggling with low self-esteem and feel stuck. If you choose to work with me, together we would identify the things you want to change, make a plan for change, and work toward those goals at your own pace.

When you leave a session, you can have a deeper understanding of yourself and feel as though you are making progress in the aspects of your life that you need and want to be different. We will continually reflect on your growth, change process, and successes to help you feel more confident and capable while strengthening your self-acceptance.


Are you a teen who is frustrated with the adults in your life because they don’t seem to listen to or understand you? Has this lack of support led to sleepless nights and thoughts that make you doubt yourself, and now you want to isolate yourself from everyone because people take too much of your energy?

Honestly, being a teen in the middle of the pandemic has no doubt been painful, stressful, and horrible in many ways. Dealing with all the things you have to as a teen is hard enough, but having to do it when life turns upside down and robs you from normal things you should have been able to experience is just not fair. Then, on top of that you’ve had to deal with losses, missing out, and isolation.

Suddenly, over the past two years you’ve been expected to adjust to the unwanted; have more internal motivation; pay attention to a computer for hours and hours a day learning things you may not care so much about; manage friendships when you can’t spend time with your friend; enjoy being a teen when you can’t do the normal things you used to; figure out how to deal with your sadness and frustration from being told “you can’t,” “you are not allowed,” “you have to,” “don’t forget your mask,” and “stay away” — all while trying to manage your mental health and not get too anxious or too depressed. Yikes! That is a ton of expectations and a ton of pressure!

Social media can be your friend, but maybe it actually makes you feel less confident, more socially isolated, and causes more anxiety by giving more opportunities for you to compare yourself to others.

Maybe since you’ve had more time to think during this time, you’ve realized some things about yourself. Perhaps you are thinking or know for sure that you are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. If so, I hope you have people who listen, understand, and support you as you further understand and accept who you are.

I’m an adolescent therapist who helps teen navigate issues, concerns, and struggles, they have with their anxiety, depression, social isolation and social anxiety, self confidence, high self-expectations, external pressure to do or be better, and LGBTQIA concerns, such as what it means to be gender fluid, gender queer, or non-binary. I help teens navigate the things that cause them stress and pain, confuse them, suck about life, and ways they can best navigate the changes and transitions they need.

If you are a teen who has thought about counseling and therapy and think you’re ready to try it, I welcome the opportunity to meet you, come to know you, see you, and help guide you to be the you who you want to be — your most amazing self.


As a parent, do you have concerns about your teen becoming more distant and isolating themselves? Have their grades been impacted, or have you just noticed an overall change in their behavior? Are you looking for support as you try to increase communication between you and your teen?

Being a parent is hard. You’ve never received a How to be the best parent for your child instructional manual. Of course, you want to help guide them and protect them from mistakes and painful experiences, while trying to help them build the knowledge and skills they need. It’s often difficult to know when to suggest, listen, guide, give advice, say no, say yes, or how to respond to the shocking things that they sometimes say or type. Finding a balance is a constant and perpetual challenge, and, at times, it can feel overwhelming and exhausting.

Seeking support through therapy can be immensely helpful in guiding you to be the best parent you can be in addition to making sure you are taking care of yourself and your family while having the life balance you need and want.

No one’s taught you how to navigate conversations about the vast, complex, and challenging things your teen may be facing. The worry and concerns that deeply weigh on parents can be heavy and intense. Do you find yourself unsure how to process, determine what is best, and have the most helpful conversations with your child about:

  • Gender questioning, Gender identity, and gender expression

  • Teen Depression

  • Teen Anxiety and Social Anxiety

  • Inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations and navigating follow-up care

  • Effects of COVID and the toll on developing teens

  • Self-injurious behaviors

  • Constant Social Media usage and Screen Time

  • Deep loneliness and social disconnection

  • Dishonesty, blatant lying, and lack of respect

  • Sexual activity and if, when, or how to navigate birth control and disease control

  • Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors or BFRBs (Skin picking, hair pulling, etc)

  • Alcohol and Drug Use

  • School Refusal and Poor School Performance

  • Bullying

Together we can help you increase your confidence and communication skills so you can feel more capable and helpful. We can help you understand more about your own anxiety, worries, and fears and how to manage them while being the most effective parent possible. It’s vital that not only your teen is getting the support and help they need, but that you also have a safe space to come and be open and honest about your struggles and uncertainties.


Maintaining a strong, committed, and working relationship takes time, attention, and effort from both partners. Sometimes a romantic relationship can run off course or develop unhelpful and even harmful cycles, and the needed connection can get frayed, weak, and or feel broken.

Are you are arguing with your spouse about their lack of communication and don’t feel appreciated or like they are paying attention to you or your needs? Couples therapy can help. It is possible to re-connect, rebuild, mend, and become even stronger. The couples who I work with realize they didn’t get to where they are overnight and it will take some time for consistent and sustainable change to happen.

Below are some of the issues couples have who’ve sought marriage therapy or couples counseling with me:

  • Unhelpful communication patterns lacking in attention, listening, and empathy toward their partner

  • Feeling disconnected as if they’ve grown apart and are now “different people” having little in common with no spark

  • Uncertain how to navigate parenting differences and conflicts when they have a child who needs specialized care or a teen who is rebelling with problematic behavior

  • A disruption in attachment and commitment when one or both partners have an affair, cheats, and/or is unfaithful

  • Consistent arguing about lack of communication and concerns about how your partner doesn’t pay attention to you or your needs

Below are some positive growth and helpful changes we focus on in marriage counseling and couples therapy:

  • Creating connection, safety, security, and respect

  • Rebuilding trust after an affair, understanding how and why it happened, and navigating healing and ways to more forward

  • Increasing an understanding and noticing what your partner is needing and how to respond in loving ways

  • Teaching your partner how to treat you while asking them for what you need with direct and clear communication as well as letting go of the expectation and belief that they are a “mind reader” or “should just know”

  • Rekindling feelings of love, admiration, warmth, and love

  • Learning each other’s love language (gift giving, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, and quality time) so you can both give and receive love from each other in ways that it’s most needed and appreciated

  • Increasing validation and appreciation toward each other, enhancing worth and importance while also balancing shared roles and responsibilities.

Together we will first define and understand what each of your short-term and long-term goals are and then create an understanding and plan to help implement needed change.

As a trained Gottman Method couples therapist, I will guide you to use communication and relationship connection activities in and out of session to help you and your partner develop new communication skills while also enhancing skills you already have. We will first focus on knowing each other, understanding each other’s needs and wants, and creating new ways to express care and appreciation while working on enhancing listening.

Sometimes relationships and their need for care and attention get placed on the back burner. I will teach and encourage you to make time and give priority to yourself, your partner, and you as a couple. As a team, we can work on bringing you both together to understand and feel understood while giving and receiving the love and support you both want.

I believe you can move forward and start a new chapter where you both can feel appreciated and loved instead of rehashing and living in the past. The possibility of creating a supportive, loving, and respectful relationship is always present. I’d love to help you and your partner make the changes that will lead to a healthier and more secure relationship.


I knew from my first college psychology class that counseling was my calling. Since becoming a licensed therapist, I have spent the past several years working with individuals, families, and couples. I have provided a wide range of mental health related services including: facilitating suicide prevention groups and anger management groups, therapy services in a inpatient / residential facility, and working in a private practice providing therapy services to children, teens, adults, couples, and families.

I’ve gained expertise and specialized training the following areas: trauma therapy, PTSD treatment, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), eating disorders and disordered eating, suicidal ideation, LGBTQIA+ concerns, and Gottman Method couples therapy.

I feel as though my professional journey gives me insight into the full spectrum of mental health care including all levels of care, from prevention and outpatient care to crisis intervention and psychiatric hospitalization. I have a passion for teaching people the most beneficial skills to improve their mood, coping ability, situation, and self-care. I deeply value connecting those I work with to additional support systems when needed.

I love helping others, and I deeply value the trust they grow to have in me when we work together.

Julia Dombrow LCPC EMDR Therapist

Professional Bio


  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Gottman Therapy Method for Couples Counseling

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills (DBT)

  • Expressive Arts


  • B.S. in Psychology, Northern Illinois University

  • M.S.Ed in Mental Health Counseling, Northern Illinois University with a certificate in career counseling

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor License # 180.014116

In Closing

I hope this gives a good picture of what therapy looks like with me and the kind of person and therapist I am. If you think that we would work well together and you’re ready to begin lightening the load of difficult and painful things you’ve been carrying, I’d be honored to help. You deserve to feel lighter, less burdened by the weight of life’s problems, and more connected to yourself. You deserve to become a healthier you while creating the life you want. 

Ready to create a life full of health, hope, and happiness?

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