Teen LGBTQIA Therapy Group

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LGBTQIA+ teens often face significant and unique stressors that can be difficult to manage. This weekly therapy group is specifically geared towards teens who are questioning or identify as LGBTQIA+ and teaches skills that will help teens improve their self-acceptance and understanding, navigate change, and receive and develop the support they seek to find.

Whether you are questioning or solidly identify, all are welcome!

Teen DBT Skills Group

If you are a teen who:

  • Experiences difficult or confusing feelings about who you are
  • Is uncertain about your identity, is questioning, or wants to sort out how you feel about yourself
  • Doesn’t feel right about being labeled in a certain group, gender, or community
  • Thinks about expressing your gender differently but feels unsure how to make that change
  • Struggles with feeling unaccepted by the people who are supposed to care for you
  • Is unsure how to come out to your family and friends
  • Feels frustrated, depressed, or anxious and worries about being accepted for who you are
  • Would like a confidential space to talk to other teens about your experiences and identity

We want to help you:

  • Understand yourself and connect with your identity
  • Enhance your self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-compassion
  • Process difficult feelings you may experience about fitting in with the world
  • Support your expression and coming out process
  • Grow in your ability to make informed decisions on your behalf
  • Expand your ability to share with family and friends what you want and need from them
  • Increase self-awareness and effective communication skills to enhance your relationships
  • Develop the skills to navigate emotionally triggering situations when you feel unheard or unaccepted
  • Learn about supportive resources
  • Feel accepted and supported by other teens
Teen DBT Skills Group



When: Saturdays from 11AM-12PM 

Who: Teens Ages 13-18

Dates: Open group beginning on September 18th (new participants can start at any time)

Where: Virtual Platform

Payment: $50.00 per group session or $175.00 per month

Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross PPO, Blue Choice, and Optum / United HealthCare

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