Our Mission

Health and Healing Therapy’s mission is to help the members of our community 

Grow, Heal, and Thrive.


Our Vision and Perspectives on Therapy 

We believe that people are not broken, nor that anyone needs to be fixed. Nothing is wrong us, but many of us are longing and needing to heal. We believe that trauma affects everyone with different levels of intensity, yet it is a lifetime universal experience. We all experience trauma at some point in our lives. When we explore what has happened to and inside of us during our lifetimes and how that has guided and influenced our coping, behavior, choices, beliefs, feelings, emotions, and overall life, powerful healing is possible.

Those we have the privilege to provide therapy for are often struggling with something that has been unwanted and/or unexpected. We are passionate about providing them with support, compassion, acceptance, and a safe space for them to be themselves. Helping people look at themselves in a new light, lessen the pain they carry, find the hope they’ve been missing, and truly embrace the wonderful and amazing person they are is what we strive for.

We believe the people we work with are brave, courageous, possess an inner wisdom, and have an endless capacity for growth.

We all wholeheartedly deserve to receive support, understanding, compassion, and to be seen and heard, all of which help us to heal ourselves.

We believe that holistic and individualized therapy is a supportive collaboration that can be life-changing. There are times in therapy for play, laughter, transparency, tears, moments of insight, silence, sitting in discomfort, and acknowledging pain so we can grow and heal.


Our Core Values

Empathy & Compassion  

We provide understanding and wholehearted acceptance and care. 


Integrity & Authenticity 

We uphold the highest standards of ethics, integrity, openness, and trust for our clients, community, and staff. 


Uniqueness & Belonging

We welcome all and strive to help others feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.


Growth & Excellence

We continually learn and grow to enhance our care. 


Inspiration & Dedication

We teach, create, encourage, and model growth and wellness. 


ALL are Welcome Here

At Health and Healing Therapy, all races, ethnicities, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, gender identities, and ability levels are welcome. This is a core practice value. Therefore, any discriminatory, offensive or oppressive behavior, or language is not welcome or acceptable. ALL are WELCOME here!

Ready to create a life full of health, hope, and happiness?

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