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Wednesday – 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Thursday – 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Sunday – 10:00am – 4:00pm
In network with: Blue Cross PPO, Blue Choice Insurance, & United HealthCare /Optum

Hi, I’m Reshma.

I help teens, adults, and couples by providing a safe, non-judgmental space to explore and be curious about your needs, wants, struggles and negative beliefs. Together we can help you gain an understanding of how to unhook from untrue beliefs, align more with yourself, get your needs met within relationships, and increase your self compassion.

If you are a teen or adult who struggles with anxiety, depression, or negative beliefs about yourself and/or has experienced trauma, dissociation, or has disordered eating issues, I would consider it a privilege to help support you while you create the life you want and deserve.

I help teens and adults:

  • decrease negative and false beliefs about themselves that stem from others’ criticisms and unreasonable expectations of themselves.

  • develop new and realistic beliefs about themselves and their abilities, efforts, and intentions.

  • create the relationships they desire, but so far have been unable to have as there are some roadblocks in their way that keep them from gaining a sense of belonging and connection.

  • confront past trauma and find ways for them to feel more calm, safe, present-focused, and confident.

  • begin to feel more comfortable in their body as it may have been hurt during a traumatic experience.


If you decide to work with me, together we will begin to identify the ways you get stuck in negative belief patterns or cycles. I will help you begin to see how the thoughts you hold about yourself and others impact your behavior towards yourself and toward others. You will determine if you are comfortable or uncomfortable with those connections and dynamics.

We will examine the labels, stories, and possible untruths the other people in your life have taught you to believe and allow you the space to determine if you still want to believe these things. Then you will be able to determine if those beliefs and stories help you or hurt you and whether you want to hold onto or discard them. Hence, you can then begin to explore, choose what feels right to you, and determine the beliefs about yourself and others that are composed in your voice and are what you believe to be true.



It is common for us to feel unsafe and frozen with fear when we’ve experienced something traumatic. Often, our body and mind get a little confused, and they sometimes think that the trauma isn’t over, that it is happening now, and that we aren’t safe and in the present. When this happens, we may have memories, flashbacks, overwhelming feelings, etc.

Sometimes, when circumstances in some way remind us of a past stressful event, we can feel triggered and emotionally connected to a past event. Often, these events were traumatic for us, and, when this happens, it’s difficult to feel calm in the present. If this happens to you, we can work together to help you identify the things that trigger your fear and help you develop ways to feel more safe and calm in your mind and body.



I hope to provide for you a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can feel validated, but also challenged to work through negative beliefs, trauma and traumatic memories, grief/loss, difficult emotions, and other issues which may come up that cause you to feel afraid, ashamed, sad, and/or alone.

We often create incorrect beliefs about ourselves because of what we are told as children which can carry over into adolescence and adulthood. Together, we can help you explore those beliefs and connect them to how they may create stress and anxiety in your present life and/or relationships.

In collaboration, we will help you decide if you want to begin to challenge any of the negative self-talk or negative beliefs about yourself, others, or your environment. You will always decide what you focus on and the areas we explore in therapy.

If you are open to doing so, I will encourage you to see what it could be like to begin being vulnerable with yourself and others. By being more open and striving for connection with others, we can become more real and authentic.

Finally, I will assist you in addressing any uncomfortable emotions, including the difficult feelings of guilt and shame that may be getting in the way of living the full life you want and deserve.



I have been involved in the helping field for 15 years, working in several different roles and with various populations. In the beginning of my helping career, I worked with families with young children and then transitioned to working with teens, adults, couples, and families.

Most of my clinical work as a therapist has been focused on working with those who are dealing with adoption concerns, anxiety, body-image issues, depression, eating disorders, LGBTQ issues, relationship issues, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and dissociation.

During the past 15 years of my clinical experience and post-graduate study, I have focused on expanding my knowledge and skill-set to help people who have experienced childhood trauma, sexual trauma, relationship trauma, physical trauma, dissociation, and the affects trauma has on their sense of safety, well-being, health, and relationships.

I believe that because this is an ever-evolving field that it is important to keep up with training and education and am passionate about keeping up with the research and discoveries being made within the field.

It’s vital to treat the whole person and not just a symptom, and, therefore, I am a trained and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and feel that yoga can be beneficial for a variety of issues. I also utilize Polyvagal Theory and am a Somatic Experiencing (SE) trained therapist. Within this body based therapy we help you release trauma shock through body based interventions and guide you to decrease any flight freeze, or fawn response. Because trauma is stored in the body we help you enhance your mind body connection while increasing your ability to feel safe within your body and environment.

If connecting to your body utilizing body based therapies like Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Yoga Therapy is something you feel you can benefit from, we can incorporate this into your therapy sessions. We will also incorporate learning how to be mindful of slowing down and being aware of your breath. You can learn to reduce your anxious thoughts, calm your nervous system, and ease your stress.



I am a firm believer that if you are willing to work, you can greatly benefit from therapy. It is important to me to address your concerns in a mindful manner, so that issues are being processed and not just stated and glossed over.

Good therapy challenges us to learn how to manage becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. Sometimes important feelings and issues that need to be worked through can cause discomfort.

Furthermore, I believe that for therapy to be beneficial for you, together we will need to build a relationship where you can feel respected, connected, and invited to be transparent. I will strive to help you develop a sense of safety and security as I support, encourage, gently challenge, and validate your feelings while creating a place of acceptance.

Professional Bio


  • Attachment-Based Therapy

  • Somatic Experiencing (SE)

  • Client-Centered Therapy

  • Trauma Yoga Therapy 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  • Psychodynamic Therapy

  • Trauma Model Certification


  • B.A. Applied Psychology, University Of Illinois at Chicago

  • M.A. Community Counseling, Argosy University

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) License # 180.007921


In Closing

I use a collaborative approach for treatment, and I believe it is necessary for people to gain insight into their problems before they can begin to make changes in their lives.

If you are interested in working together, we would first begin by identifying your strengths. Then, we would gently challenge any negative thoughts, beliefs, or patterns that have been created as a result of any difficult, stressful, and/or traumatic circumstances you’ve experienced.

Together we can help you to believe and feel differently about yourself while helping you work through the things that make it difficult for you do so with ease. If you are ready to feel better… let’s begin.


Ready to create a life full of health, hope, and happiness?

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