Teen Thrive Group

You are not alone. You will be supported, encouraged, and understood.

Teen Thrive Group is a process and skill building group for teens who are working hard at decreasing their anxiety and/or depression so they can thrive.

If you are a teen who struggles with:

  • Depression that causes you to feel overwhelmed, frozen, stuck, and misunderstood
  • Emotions that sometimes cause you to feel out of control because they go 0-100 in a flash
  • Getting upset easily with strong emotional reactions
  • Feeling fear and worry so much it is difficult to find things in life you enjoy
  • Calming and soothing yourself when you are upset
  • Feeling consumed with negative thoughts about yourself that swirl around and are stuck on repeat inside your mind
  • Long to belong and feel a connection to others so you can feel more understood

Thrive group can help!

    Teen DBT Skills Group

    We encourage you to join our Teen Thrive Group so we can help you:

    • Learn concrete coping strategies to deal with the hard things you face so you no longer feel the need to self-harm or numb your pain with other unhelpful things
    • Increase self-awareness, problem solving skills, and effective communication skills to enhance your relationships with friends and family.
    • Tolerate distress and know how to navigate emotionally triggering situations and other crises
    • Develop ways to feel less stress, conflict, and overwhelm by learning to focus attention on the present moment, letting go of the past and future worries.
    • Learn stress and anxiety reduction skills
    • Identify and reduce unhelpful negative thoughts while developing new positive beliefs
    • Reduce worries, negative fortune telling, and looping thoughts
    • Increase acceptance of yourself while creating self compassion
    • Align with your values to help decrease their suffering
    • Develop the skills you need to reduce emotional suffering by learning skills to enhance control of emotion
    • Grow in your ability to make informed decisions on behalf of yourself

    Interested participants can email admin@healthandhealingtherapy.com or call (630) 864-7267 and request an assessment appointment with our facilitator, Nina Iraheta LCPC, or Meghan Reilly. Members need to be involved in weekly individual therapy in or outside of our practice. We will collaborate and coordinate care with each teens therapist.

    Teen DBT Skills Group (13-18 year olds)

    When: Tuesdays from 7:00 – 8:00 PM

    Where: Virtual – Telehealth Platform

    Payment: $55.00 per group session

    Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross PPO, Blue Choice, and Optum/United HealthCare, UMR, Oxford


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