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Hi I’m Tracy.

I help older teens and adults by providing a judgment-free, safe space where you can be yourself, feel heard, accepted, supported, and cared for.

If you are a teen or adult who has been dealing with anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationship difficulties, (conflict, tension, boundary struggles) feeling overwhelmed, exhausted from all of your responsibilities, or triggered by recent or past trauma, I would consider it a privilege to guide and support you toward feeling your best while creating the life you want. 

We each face difficult challenges but there are times in our lives when all that is on our plate is too much. We may lack balance, and our life is not working the way we need it to. Sometimes managing work, home, responsibilities, parenting, relationships, and/or our health concerns becomes overwhelming.

If this sounds like something you are dealing with and it’s causing you anxiety, worry, or distress, I can help. Change is possible and through counseling you can begin to feel better quickly. You can learn how to put the same energy into yourself that you put into others, so you can slow down, enjoy your life more fully, and be your best you.


It’s a big step to reach out for help through therapy and counseling especially when we live in a world where there is pressure to look like “we have it all together.” We tend to judge our inside lives against other people’s outside lives. We also tend to keep pieces of our inside lives very private and sometimes hidden. Yet, we and often these pieces of ourselves are commonly filled with self-doubt, emotional distress, anxiety, fear, and negative thoughts about ourselves. These things often feel heavy, dark, and are emotionally draining.

What is amazing about therapy and counseling is that it can help you take a look at any heavy and painful mental and emotional concerns and find strategies to lighten their weight. By doing this, you can feel better and more free to live the kind of life you want while being comfortable with who you are. How does feeling lighter, more free, and comfortable with yourself sound?

I’d love to help you find the things that will be the most helpful for you so you can successfully make the changes you want and need. You deserve to lighten your load. You deserve to decrease your suffering and you deserve to receive support and encouragement. It would be a privilege to help and support you through this process.



Whether you are at a crossroads and trying to figure out where to go next or struggling with where you currently are, I want to remind you:

You are important. You are worthy. Change is possible for you. 

I would consider it a privilege to hear your story, and learn how you got to where you are, what your struggles are right now and where you want to be. I can assist you by providing helpful information, tools, and skills that can help guide your growth, change, and healing.

I am a person centered therapist which means I believe you have the strengths and potential to be able to make the changes you desire so you can have the kind of relationships, self-care, life balance, and peace you desire to have. Together we can dive into focusing on helping you understand and develop the skills, goals, and plan that will work for you. These goals will help you to move toward the future you see for yourself. You can create a vision and reality of what is possible.

Trust and respect are keys to relationships and when we are working together that is a foundation that I strive to build so you feel respected, safe, and supported when sharing your story.



Have you ever felt like you are working as hard as you can to keep from “falling apart”? Thinking you have to put a front and be strong, while inside you are struggling with negative thoughts that you aren’t enough, you can’t do more, that your self-confidence is all a mask and no one would understand your feelings of self-doubt.

The messages that we receive from family, friends, and the media can affect our self-confidence reinforcing the voice inside our head telling us that no matter what we do we are not enough. Those negative thoughts make it difficult to live the life we want. We are expected to be able to do it all and when we have trouble doing so we often become anxious and struggle with our self worth.

If you’re looking for someone who is down to earth and you’re ready for change so you can create the life you want and become a better version of you, I may be the therapist for you!

If you are wondering if we would work well together and if I can help, I encourage you to read a little more about the issues of concern that I have often helped other older teens and adults navigate:

  • Difficulty communicating and sharing your thoughts and feelings with your partner. Rather you end up shutting down and feeling less confident about how to express yourself.

  • Struggling with the idea that it’s ok to have needs and to take time for yourself without guilt.

  • Dealing with unhappiness about where you are in life and feeling uncertain about where you’re going

  • Depression, feeling down or hopeless, experiencing unexpected crying, loss of motivation, and/or isolating from other people

  • Difficulty connecting and communicating openly with other people

  • Experiencing stress related to the pandemic, COVID-19, remote working, and returning to an in person work life

  • Anxiety and worries about the many things and people you can’t control

  • Feeling overwhelmed with periodic surges of panic

  • Lack of hobbies, interests, or passions and/or the lack of time to participate in them.

  • Adjusting to your children becoming more independent, their turbulent teen years, or navigating a new relationship with your emerging adult child.

  • Navigating the questions and concerns you have about your child’s sexuality, gender, or other LGBTQIA+ concerns

  • Low self-esteem, low self-confidence, or having negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself

We all need support especially when we are struggling and in emotional pain. If you’ve been feeling alone and uncertain and you think it’s time to gain encouragement, guidance, acceptance, and care I’d be glad to be that supportive person for you.


My own journey hasn’t been a linear experience. I have worked in a few different fields before I decided to follow my passion of helping others achieve the life they want to live. I know what it’s like to change the course of my future direction and I have done so successfully which has led me here to provide therapy services at Health and Healing Therapy.

Throughout my adult life I have had many helping roles, positions, and responsibilities. I obtained my Masters Degree in Counseling a little later in life while in my late 30’s. Helping others has always been my passion, however, I took a little different path with my education and training. As a mature therapist I believe my various experiences give me a different perspective and a deeper understanding of life and people. These as well as my clinical training helps guide my work with older teens, adults, and parents.

I have provided supportive counseling to children, teens, adults, and parents. I have special training in specific trauma counseling with adults and children who have been victims of family and domestic violence. In addition to counseling, I have supervised and coordinated various teams of professionals and while utilizing my abilities to effectively help groups of people communicate, collaborate, and work and “play well together!”

Therapist Tracy Hatzis of Health and Healing Therapy

Professional Bio


  • Person Centered Therapy

  • Strengths-Based Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  • Parent Education and Support

  • Trauma-Informed Practices


  • B.A. Psychology, Aurora University

  • M.S. Human Services, Community Counseling, National Louis University

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Illinois License: 178.005706

  • Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professional (CDVP)

In Closing

Being ready to navigate various stressors. challenges, and difficulties take strength and courage. If you are ready and looking for change I’d be glad to help. Change doesn’t happen all at once, but if nothing changes, nothing changes. If you’ve been feeling alone you could benefit from support and encouragement,, I would consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to know and work with you.

Ready to create a life full of health, hope, and happiness?

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