Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy Group

Enhance your healing while connecting safety and strength within your body and mind

Group Focus

Our trauma yoga group utilizes a trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed approach. Participants do not need to have any prior yoga practice or experience. We will be using the practice to develop an understanding of how to connect to our minds and our bodies in a mindful and intuitive way. The yoga-focused experience will be a gentle, slow paced practice that can be modified for each member depending on comfort and experience level.

Trauma Yoga Therapy aims to develop more of a mind/body connection, help participants feel more grounded, oriented, and present, while feeling safe in their bodies and balanced. Group will provide a space, if and when one is ready, to develop a sense of slowing their mind and body, reconnecting to their body, noticing any feelings that come up, and experiencing how slowing down and being in the present moment feels.

Teen DBT Skills Group

Group Structure

The group will include grounding and mindfulness exercises, intention setting, psycho-education on various topics such as: the mind-body connection, trauma goals of developing a sense of safety, reducing numbing, avoidance, distraction, increasing self-care, self connection, and self-compassion. Group will then include a gentle and slow paced yoga experience that will be able to be modified for those who are new to yoga, need modifications, and/or experience chronic pain or disability while also meeting the needs of those who have been practicing yoga for some time. After our experiential time we will have discussion and process time of our experience and a re-grounding closure exercise.

When: Thursdays from 8-9PM
Who: Adults 18+
Dates: Open group beginning on October 7th (new participants can join the first Thursday of each month)
Where: Virtual Platform
Payment: $45.00 per group session or $160.00 per month paid monthly
Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross PPO, Blue Choice, and Optum/United HealthCare

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