Women of Color Therapy Group



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Our group provides a safe space for women of color to discuss and understand how being female and in a body of color has shaped us. It’s a space to process how we embody our experiences as women and being part of the BIPOC community. We navigate how belonging to multiple cultures/races has impacted our sense of self, how multigenerational trauma, systemic racism, oppression and micro aggressions have impacted us, and how we can mobilize and find our voices.

Portrait of a Group of women in the studio

Goals – offering a safe, non-judgemental space for WOC to heal and explore the following:

  • To process and explore how WOC hold oppression, generational trauma, and systemic racism.
  • To process what does not get said during instances of aggression and how to create a new narrative around culture and identity.
  • To learn how to separate cultural and social expectations of WOC, and to find our voice and to land in a place where we can feel confident
  • To explore how microagressions, and other well-intentioned but harmful comments can have a lasting impact.
  • How to navigate a feeling of belonging to two (or multiple) cultures/two identities, and what it feels like to be witnessed (or unseen) and feeling alienated for not being a part of the dominant culture.
  • How WOC have been “trained” to appease to the dominant culture.

When: Thursdays from 8-9PM
Dates: June 3rd – August 19th (12 weeks)
Where: Virtual Platform
Payment: $45.00 per group or $160.00 per month
Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross PPO, United/Optum

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